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2017 Policy Summit | Saturday Afternoon Sessions-Latino Health Track

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2017 Policy Summit | Saturday Afternoon Sessions-Latino Health Track

Goal: To understand how the U.S. health care system affects delivery of health care to Latinos.

  1. Discuss current and proposed forms of health care delivery.
  2. Understand the role of federal and state regulatory or governing bodies and how they influence Latino health care.
  3. Understand how social determinants of health impact Latino communities.
2:30-3:05 PM Medicine for All: The Synergy of Scientific Evidence and Political Will
Robert Zarr, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P., Unity Health Care, and Founder and Medical Director of Park Rx America
3:15-3:50 PM Moving Towards the Diverse Primary Care Workforce that Our Patients and Our Communities Need
Christina Kelly, M.D.
Faculty, Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program,      Director of the Primary Care Accelerated Track, Mercer University
School of Medicine and Workforce Team Leader, Family Medicine for America’s Health (FMAHealth).

4:00-4:35 PM TBD
4:45-5:20 PM Flint and Haiti: Two Rivers, Two Crimes, and the Biosocial Consequences of Structural Racism
Victoria Koski-Karell, M.S.T.P. Candidate, University of Michigan

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